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Sustainability & Mental Health- Welcome Back!

Hey Low Wasters! I’m sorry I haven’t been active on here. I realized when I sat down to write this that it had been exactly one month since I wrote a post. How did that happen? Well, without making this sound like a diary entry, I’ve been feeling “off” and not particularly motivated.

Between battling the emotional tolls of living in a heavily populated city during a global pandemic and trying to educated myself to become a better ally to the Black community, I’ve been overwhelmed. Don’t take this as me wanting pity or suggesting that I have it worse than other people. I absolutely do not! It’s just been a very heavy month for me and distancing myself from technology has been (slightly) helpful.

I think the most liberating thing for me this month has been deactivating my social instagram account. That probably sounds strange since I am still very active on my low waste account. I explained it to a friend and writing it out gave me clarity as to why deactivating the account was helpful. Not being on my “social account” has allowed me to curate who is on my feed without feeling guilty about it. I was letting other people’s posts affect me way more than they should have been.

Social media can be an amazing tool, but it can also be super toxic. The sustainable community on IG has been so welcoming and inspiring to me! Even when I’m not posting my own content, seeing other bloggers kick ass on their platforms motivates me to do better. Moral of the story: do what‘s best for YOU and surround yourself with people/content that brings out the best in you. This post may be disappointing to some of you who come to my blog exclusively for sustainable content. I get that! The way I look at it is that when you feel your best, you do your best. When my mental health is in a great place, I feel like I can save the world one reusable straw at a time! When I’m overwhelmed and down, all I think about is the many ways I’m not being perfectly sustainable. So, take care of yourselves! Your mental health is important.

Taking a break and stepping back can be extremely helpful if you’re feeling unfocused. I’m grateful that I took time away from my blog so that I can now come back and write with a (semi) clear head. Last but not least, please wear a mask! It doesn’t make you weak. It makes you a pretty awesome, caring human :)

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