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Secondhand Maid of Honor!

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

How lucky am I that I get to celebrate my sister's wedding twice?? Because of the pandemic, my sister and her now husband had to delay their big wedding celebration. Instead, they had a micro wedding last weekend with close family and are renewing their vows next year when it's safe for everyone to gather together!

As a low waste-wannabe minimalist, I was nervous about how I could prepare for the day while still creating as little waste as possible. We decided to save our original dresses for next year when everyone could be there, but that meant I needed a new gown. My sister started sending me links to dresses she thought would look good on me for the celebration. All were from fast fashion brands.

I decided to start searching online thrift outlets to see if I could find anything similar. Lo and behold, I found this gown on Poshmark for $25! It was a fraction of the price of the dresses my sister had in mind and it looked brand new. She loved it! I was shocked that I could find a Maid of Honor dress for so little and honestly, with little searching! It only took me 3 days to find.

This experience proved to me that there is no reason I need to give into fast fashion. If I can find a dress to wear to my sister's wedding secondhand, there's no reason I can't find anything else I need in the future. This was a huge success for me! I challenge you to search for secondhand options the next time you have an event or have your sights set on a particular item of clothing. I have high hopes that you'll be able to find it pre-owned!

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