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Repurposing Coffee Grounds

Since switching to a reusable K-cup, I have become way more aware of the waste I’m creating with my habitual morning coffee routine. I no longer take out the used, neatly packaged, extremely wasteful single use pod and throw it into the garbage. Now, I take out the reusable pod, scrape the old coffee grounds into a small container, put those in the fridge, then clean out the pod. It’s a process! To me, it’s worth it knowing I’m reducing my plastic waste, as well as my food waste.

But what to do with those old coffee grounds that are building up in the fridge? (I store mine in the fridge because I read online that it makes them last longer. Otherwise bacteria will grow- making them useless!) I tried a few different methods of repurposing.

My first attempt was in the bathroom. I kept reading and seeing people use coffee grounds for body scrubs and exfoliants. This repurposing strategy was not for me. Maybe I didn’t use the right recipe, but scrubbing the grinds on my legs HURT. I couldn’t even imagine putting it on my face. Again, maybe I didn’t do it correctly.

I then tried to use my old coffee grounds to scrub a grease stain off an old pan. I came to find out that this only works on pots and pans when you scrubs them immediately after the stain is made, which is great to know! But wasn’t useful in the moment.

My final attempt (and success) was using the coffee grounds to remove odors from our plastic containers! We have been trying to take care of the plastic tupperware we already have in the spirit of being sustainable. As much as I would love to have all glass or stainless steal containers, that’s not realistic for us right now. It’s expensive (and honestly wasteful) to ditch all our plastic containers and replace them with more eco-friendly options. With that being said, the grounds have been a huge help to us in maintaining the quality of our products.

There’s nothing worse than storing a sauce, onion, garlic, or anything with a very strong smell in a plastic container and not being able to clean it out. The last thing I want to store leftovers in is a box that smells like something completely different. My cleaning method is now soaking the containers in soapy/coffee ground mixed water, washing it out, then storing the containers with the lids off. I‘m not sure why that makes the coffee smell go away, but it does!

There are a ton of other ways to reuse your old grounds! This is what worked for me. If you start exploring and find an awesome repurposing hack that you want to share, shoot me a DM or email! I’d love to chat and continuing spreading tips & tricks on how to adjust our lifestyles to become more eco-friendly.

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