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Replacements- First, Use What You Have!

Updated: May 10, 2020

The most sustainable option is always the one you already have. If you are looking to improve your ecological footprint and find that most of your go-to's are plastic, throwing those out and buying glass/stainless steel/bamboo replacements does nothing for the environment. It creates unnecessary waste. You are better off using the plastic you already have to its fullest potential, then replacing it with an eco-friendly alternative!

Repurpose your plastic. Can you put a homemade cleaning product in it? Can you use it as storage for food or as an organizing tool in your cabinet? What about an art project? There are endless possibilities!

As you can see in the photo below, the handle of my plastic Wet brush completely snapped off. I dropped it. I take 100% of the blame. But! This gave me an awesome opportunity to search for a new, sustainable brush. I found this bamboo hair brush at https://packagefreeshop.com/products/package-free-bamboo-hairbrush . I LOVE their products. They have zero waste packaging and ship plastic free. This is a brand I am confident supporting and will always shop from when given the opportunity. (I'm not paid to say that. I just love their work and think it's important to find more companies that make the environment a priority).

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