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Rags to Riches- Literally!

Updated: May 10, 2020

Living in Manhattan is expensive. There's no way to sugarcoat that. My partner and I constantly look for ways we can save money. One of my favorite eco-friendly-money-saving swaps since moving into our tiny apartment has been rags! They're really dish towels, but some are in better condition than others.

People use paper towels on a daily basis and they get expensive over time. They are also very wasteful! Using dish towels instead is SO easy and can save you a ton of money. We wipe down surfaces or whatever needs to be cleaned, then just throw them in the hamper when we're done.

We turned this wire wall organizer into our "towel basket'. I'm obsessed! The holiday towels add a little color to the kitchen and it helps us not feel dependent on paper towels. We still keep paper towels in the apartment, mainly to disinfect surfaces/our cell phones when we come back from food shopping (typically once a week). I'm excited to transition to 100% rags when our city is in a safer place and we feel more comfortable.

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