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Plastic Free Dish Washing!

Now that I’ve been using this dish washing block for over a month, I thought I’d write a proper review! Let me start by saying that there are a lot of ways to reduce your waste in the kitchen. You don’t have to be completely plastic free in order to have a low waste/low impact home! Buying liquid dish soap in bulk is a great option regardless of the plastic. Using a refill store for dish soap is also great option! Go with the one that works best for your home. Because my partner and I live in a tiny studio apartment, we don’t have a dishwasher. Dishwashers are probably the best option for low wasters because you use less water! We always soak our dishes before washing them and turn off the faucet in between dishes. We know we use more water to wash dishes than other people, but we’re working with what we’ve got! That’s all you can do. Anyways! Back to the block.

This vegan dish washing block was a huge win for me. I had previously been buying dish soap in bulk, but this felt attainable for our lifestyle and would eliminate the need for plastic. My partner and I both prefer this over liquid dish soaps/sponges. It makes the process of washing dishes faster and easier. We wet the dish and the brush, scrub the brush on the block until is gets sudsy, then scrub away at the dishes! We love it.

It’s a small change, but it goes a long way. I feel like most of my blog posts mention this, but transitioning to a low waste lifestyle is most effective when you do it slowly. It‘s better to get through all of your plastic products and then replace them as you run out. Throwing it all away and creating MORE waste doesn‘t help the environment. It just makes you feel better not having to look at all that plastic. Which I get! But it’s not the answer. Work your way there and it will be waaaaaaaaay more rewarding.

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