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Updated: May 10, 2020

Like most people during March of 2020, I had a lot of time on my hands and a desire to do something meaningful. Cooped up in a 250 sq. ft. apartment, I took to Pinterest to find some inspiration! I found a lot of craft ideas, future wedding boards, and the post that got the ball rolling for me: How to Repurpose Candle Jars.

This could not have been easier! With smaller candles, you can pop them in the freezer overnight and in the morning just pop out the wax. It may take a few “shakes”, but most will just come right out. For bigger candles or any size that is giving you trouble, take a knife and chip at the wax. Make small, random cuts throughout until mall chunks start detaching. After all the wax is removed, run hot water into the jar and use tongs to take out the wicks. I had goo-gone on hand, so that’s what I used to get the labels off, but a more natural remedy is vinegar or baking soda with warm water!

Since taking the picture below, I've repurposed 3 candle jars. One for Q-tips, one for cotton rounds, and the last for chip clips. As my supply of Q-tips and cotton rounds start running low, I am searching for sustainable alternatives! I've found a few that caught my eye, but I want to research the companies selling them first and make sure the product and supplier are businesses that I'm comfortable supporting. In taking the time to educate myself on sustainability, I've learned the difference between having a "consumer mindset" and being a "mindful consumer". I'll be sure to write a full post on that soon!

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