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Mind Your Beeswax!

I can’t say enough good things about these beeswax wraps. I got them as a Christmas present and at first I didn’t totally see the value in them. Sure, the design is adorable and they have the slightest smell of honey (Yum!!), but how useful are they?

The answer is: very! My pack came with 3 sizes. We use the biggest size mostly to cover bowls/plates with leftover food/mixes on them. It saves us the time and mess of having to transfer those things to Tupperware. While the other 2 sizes can also be used to cover bowls, we normally wrap food directly in them. It’s saved us a lot of space in the fridge!

Take for example the last muffin in this container. Obviously that‘s a huge waste of space. ”Can’t you just put it in a smaller container?” Yes! We absolutely can. The only challenge with that was the containers we had on hand. The smaller Tupperware we could have used wasn’t tall enough to store it. The next size up was still pretty big, which is why we turned to these wraps!

They’re plastic free, easy to clean, and add some color to your storage options! Mine were gifted from local vendor at a harvest festival, but there are many companies that produce and ship them ethically. You can check out a few of them in the “Links” section of my site!

P.S. A fellow blogger also told me she uses them to cover wine bottles when the cork won‘t go back in!

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