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Laundry Day in Tiny Spaces

As you can see from the picture below, our laundry set up is less than ideal. We don’t have a beautiful room set up with matching baskets and labels. We don’t really have a room at all! We are very lucky to have access to laundry in our building, but we share the machines with the other tenants. In the spirit of being less wasteful, we have strived to hang dry most of our clothes!

There are a ton of perks to hang drying your clothing. For starters, you’ll save money! Who doesn’t need an extra $5 here and there? It also saves energy which is great for the environment. Of course we’d love to be able to unplug the dryer in our building like our other appliances, but alas we can’t! Finally, hang drying your clothes will extend the life of them. If you take good care of the clothing you already have, you’ll have less of a need to purchase more. The less we all purchase, the less that is produced! We play a huge role in the production of fast fashion. If these companies don’t have a demand for sales, it becomes more expensive for them to produce clothing that is never bought. Vote with your dollar!

Despite living in a tiny space, we have found a way to hang dry our clothing and make it work! We have one “over the door” drying rack and one tripod drying rack. On laundry days, these sit in the corner and we wait for our clothing to be ready. I know. It looks messy and extremely unappealing, but sometimes that‘s what sustainability is! You don’t have to eat out of bamboo bowls and take cold showers and never eat an animal product to be sustainable. This movement is about every individual making small, consistent changes to better our planet.

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