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Imperfect Foods: Review!

If you‘ve been following me on IG, you‘ve already read my review on Imperfect Foods. I recently learned some new information about the evolution of the company that I felt like I had to share.

Make no mistake, I love Imperfect Foods and will continue to use their services to help fight food waste! Part of loving and supporting a company is also recognizing its flaws. While I was volunteering with Rescuing Leftover Cuisine (read my last blog post for more info on them!!!) I was chatting with another volunteer about groceries.

She said, “ I haven’t been to Trader Joe’s in months! The line is always too crazy so I’ve had to switch up my food shopping”.

This seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring up Imperfect Foods and spark the conversation about food waste! I told her I just started ordering from them and she cut me off.

“I know about Imperfect Foods. They used to be called Imperfect Produce”. I told her I didn’t know that! How cool that we both knew about this awesome sustainable company?

She continued, “My friend used to work for them. It was great when they were first starting out, but they really got away from their mission statement.”

I had no idea what she was talking about. After asking a lot of questions and hearing her perspective, I realized I was blindly seeing the good. The reason her friend left the company is because they started selling things that were, for lack of a better word, perfect. It was confusing to the consumer and went against what they were marketing. I went back on the website and understood what she was saying. There are certain items that don‘t have reasons for being “imperfect”, they’re just listed as is. If you look at the picture of my order, there are things on there that are not sustainable. Tortilla chips were not being rejected from grocery stores. They are just a nice thing for people to add to their weekly orders and help the company grow. It makes sense! But I agree that it‘s confusing to the consumer if they’re coming to you for rejected food.

Part of the responsibility does fall on the consumer. As someone with the time and resources to do the research, I should have looked at my order with a critical eye. Most of what I bought does line up with their mission statement and why I chose to shop there, but not all of it. Like I said in the beginning, I love Imperfect Foods and will continue to use them! This was a great lesson in digging a little deeper and making sure you know what you’re buying.

As always, if anyone has updated info on the company or just wants to add to the discussion, DM me! I love hearing from you all and chatting about this stuff :)

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