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First Steps to Plastic Free Grocery Shopping

On March 1st, 2020 New York State put the plastic bag ban and paper bag fee laws into effect. Unfortunately with everything going on, these laws have been postponed until June 15th. I am still so proud of my state for finally taking the dangers of single use plastic bags seriously.

TIP: To get into the habit of bringing a reusable bag wherever I go, I folded up a small one and kept it in my purse for any “surprise“ purchases I had that day.

Living in the city can be unpredictable. You never know when your plans may change or when you may need to purchase something. That’s no one’s fault! If you find yourself in a position where you have to purchase a paper bag, don’t fret. It happens! It just becomes frustrating as a consumer to constantly pay extra for an item you know you have at home. If you stop what you’re doing right now and throw a reusable bag either in your purse or hang it by your front door as a reminder, I promise it’ll save you some stress (and waste) in the future. Go ahead! I’ll wait for you to come back...


Don’t you feel a little better now that you’ve got that done? Anyways, back to reusable bags! Because we don’t have access to a bulk food store right now, we bring one big reusable bag to carry our food and a bunch of smaller reusable mesh bags for fresh produce. The mesh bags are a must for me! I used to be so wasteful with plastic produce bags. Between wrapping food in them, grabbing more than I needed off the roll, or ripping bags before I could get my food into them. These reusable produce bags are way more convenient and environmentally friendly.

If you’re just starting out and don’t want to invest in the reusable produce bags, start with the big reusable grocery bags! Even that makes a huge difference and saves a ton of plastic. I’m still actively trying to reduce my plastic purchases while food shopping but honestly, it’s really hard. Most of my go-to’s are covered in plastic wraps and containers. I’m exploring which items have alternative options or are even able to be homemade. I will definitely keep the blog updated on my journey to a more sustainable food shop!

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