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First Steps in Sustainable Beauty

As I’ve mentioned before, sustainability doesn’t happen overnight. A key part of being sustainable is using what you already have which makes the transition a little longer but, more effective!

The first product I started running low on within my beauty routine was my single-use cotton rounds. I use them about twice a day to apply toner and occasionally to remove make up. When I started making my transition to a low waste lifestyle, this act of throwing away 2 cotton rounds a day felt incredibly wasteful. Even though I knew using what I had was the best option, it still didn‘t feel great to do.

I started researching about reusable Facial Rounds and found EcoRoots! They sell a lot of sustainable products and ship them with minimal packaging. I also loved how big the rounds were. They go a much longer way than my single-use rounds did! While there isn’t anything I need right now, EcoRoots is definitely a company I am comfortable supporting and will turn to when I do find I am in need of a swap. You can find these and other products at https://ecoroots.us/?rfsn=4093500.7720d08

These come in a pack of 10 which is more than I’ll need at one time, but good to have! I wash mine in warm water with unscented baby soap (less chemicals and something I’m comfortable putting on my face) and then lay it out to dry. I honestly haven’t been wearing a lot of make up so I’m not sure how effective this method is if your reusable round is make up stained. I’ll edit this post if I start experiencing any issues with that!

With one successful beauty swap under my belt, I’m excited to continue my transition to a low waste routine and report back to you!

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