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Coffee Lovers Solution to Sustainability

Updated: May 10, 2020

As always, the most sustainable option is the one you already have. We have a Keurig so our most sustainable solution was a reusable K-cup! Little did I know, it came with our machine! I was talking to my mom about my desire to be more sustainable and how I wished there was a way to eliminate my need for wasteful single-use k-cups. She replied with, “Why don’t you just use the reusable k-cup that came with your Keurig and buy coffee grounds?” I had no idea what she was talking about it. Since she gifted me her old Keurig, I had never seen the original packaging or any of the amenities that came with it. She took out the reusable k-cup from the box and said, “You just have to fill this with coffee grounds and clean it between uses. It’s easy!”

She was 100% right. It’s so easy! I haven’t done the exact math just yet, but estimating how much my partner and I normally spend on k-cups, buying coffee grounds is a much better move for us financially. It’s also a better move for the environment! That’s a win-win in my book.

Sustainability should feel liberating, not restrictive. My main goal in my journey to becoming less wasteful is to find alternatives to the lifestyle I already maintain, not to give up everything in my life that’s not eco-friendly. Because the truth is, there are alternatives! There are ways to live your life sustainably without feeling like you’re sacrificing anything. So, drink on coffee lovers! And consider switching to a reusable K-cup if you’re a Keurig user.

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