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Coffee Creamer to Watering Can!

I am SO excited about this post! Sometimes, even when you put in your best effort, a low waste swap or attempt at repurposing just doesn’t work. It’s either not as affective as you’d like it to be, or the results are nothing like you’d plan. Today. I successfully turned an old coffee creamer container into a watering can AND repurposed the water I put in it!

Using an old coffee creamer container to water my tiny apartment plants ended up being a lot less messy. The container is shaped and meant to pour liquid- it’s a perfect repurpose! My days of using a Mason Jar to pour fresh water into my potted plants are over. That’s right, no more fresh water for my plants! Beyond just repurposing the container, I repurposed the water I used too!

We waste SO much water when cooking. Like I‘ve said before, my partner and I live in Manhattan and everyday life is very expensive. As a result, we eat a lot of pasta, rice, and other cheaper grains that are prepared in boiled water. Rather than tossing the water down the drain when straining out the food, we strained it into a Mason Jar and let the water cool. About 30 minutes later, I put that water into my new repurposed watering can! This post-grain water has a lot of nutrients that are great for our plants. Not only does this eliminate the waste of the water we used to cook, it also removes the need for fresh water to feed our plants!

These two small, successful changes were exactly what I needed after a few days of feeling guilty about the amount of waste I was producing. I hate that I even let myself feel guilty for that. The basis of my beliefs on low waste are that it‘s all about the small changes, not being perfect. Posting on this blog helps me stay in that mindset and celebrate my small, sustainable victories. I hope this, along with my other posts, help inspire you to take small steps to create big environmentally positive changes!

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