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Bathroom Swaps- Easier Than You Think!

Updated: May 1, 2020

Sustainability doesn’t happen overnight. It is small, consistent changes that over time have a great impact. My first swap was the bamboo toothbrush. ”Every toothbrush you have ever used is still on this planet.” - I read that from National Geographic and it freaked me out. How is nearly every toothbrush anyone has used since 1930 STILL on earth??? Wrapping my head around that much plastic was enough for me to switch to bamboo!

I used to think Lush products were the fanciest things. Bar shampoo? Steel tins to hold them? That stuff is for the celebrities! Little did I know bar shampoo is for the earth-loving, balling-on-a-budget cool kids! I have found that bar shampoo/soap lasts longer than plastic bottled alternatives. Those Lush tins help the lifespan of the bars as well! (Keeps excess water from getting on them and shrinking the bars)

Lastly, the Diva Cup. The sustainable item I get the most feedback on. Those who have tried it reach out to me and swear by it! Those who haven’t, reach out to me hesitant to make the purchase. I get it! If you’ve never used it, it can be intimidating. In my experience, by your second period you will feel like a pro! I usually leave mine in for about 10 hours with no problems. They are super easy to clean and ladies, think of all the money you will save!!! Diva Cups are really great swaps to help you reduce waste and find something better to put your money towards besides single-use tampons and pads.

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